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Where To Start

Where do I Start?  

Tracy L. Clark, Family Law and Divorce Lawyer in Nanaimo
Help and advice from a divorce lawyer in Nanaimo for separation agreements and guidance
I went to TLC Law during a very difficult time in my life. Tracy and her staff were always at hand to answer my questions, no matter how many times in a a day I am sure they were asked the same questions, they were full of knowledge and compassion. They treated me with respect and kindness. I would, and have, highly recommended Tracy for any of your needs. Thank you Tracy and staff for making my situation and burden easier to handle.
— S.G.


change can be unsettling.

sometimes, even the most basic decisions seem difficult - like where to start.


Choose a Proven Family Lawyer.

Whether you are married or common-law, resolving important issues like parenting time, parenting rights, support payments and property and debt division can be tricky. 

If your current relationship is ending, or a new one is beginning, get advice from an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible. Good legal discussions can help to determine your best course of action, no matter where your next steps are likely to lead you.

I believe it is important for people to have access to sound legal advice as quickly as possible. If your matter falls into my areas of expertise, I'm happy to provide a free initial consultation.

Protect Your Rights with a Professionally Drafted Agreement

It is always preferable to resolve a family matter by agreement.  Well drafted Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements can provide more certainty to the Parties, simplify the outstanding issues and minimize any future involvement of the Courts.

Self-drafted agreements may either be partially or entirely unenforceable. Worse yet, a Supreme Court Trial may actually be required to determine whether the Agreement is valid or not. Self-drafted agreements might not withstand scrutiny by the Court, and fixing or defending a self-drafted agreement can be very expensive.

I will help you do it right the first time.

Court Proceedings Are Sometimes Unavoidable and Advisable

The majority of family matters resolve by agreement. Even though settlement is usually preferable, court proceedings are sometimes unavoidable and even advisable.

Legal Documents May Need Updating as Life Moves Forward

You may also wish to get legal advice and services as your new life moves along and fresh issues arise. Sometimes your legal documents need updating as children grow up and circumstances change. Sometimes new or continuing relationships require Marriage Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements or Prenuptial Agreements to provide certainty in the future to all concerned.

Complex Family Matters Need Targeted Legal Discussion

In any event, family law matters are never simple. They are, by nature, as individual and complex as the people involved in them. You may need to make compelling life decisions. Targeted legal discussion is often the best tool in the drawer to help you make those decisions.

Although family law issues can sometimes seem overwhelmingly personal and stressful, there are usually preferable options. I can discuss all the options available to you.

I have specialized in family law in Prince George since I was called to the Bar more than 30 years ago. I am committed to my profession, to my reputation and to my clients. I am proud to be a small part of the continuously  developing family law system in British Columbia and happy to help the good people of the North.

Putting the pieces together… with TLC.


- Tracy L. Clark, TLC Family Law Practice